Sunday, January 26, 2014

Super Mojo Giveaway--January 26 to February 1

Calling all Seahawks fans, football fans, and romance readers, help Allie K. Adams break her bad Seahawks mojo so she can watch the game on Sunday. The more people who enter, the better our chances of lifting the curse.
Enter for your chance to win:

$25 gift certificate to Amazon from Allie K. Adams

$25 gift certificate to Amazon from Jami Davenport

Seattle Lumberjacks book of your choice (3) by JamiDavenport

Rescue Me by Allie K. Adams

Delectable by Adrianne Lee

Delicious by Adrianne Lee

Playing for Keeps by Liz Matis

A Groom for Christmas (ebook or print) by Cari Marsi

The Group Seduction by Wendy S. Marcus

Dragonstone by Paula Millhouse

Read what Allie has to say:

Seahawks vs. Broncos

Who's your team for the big game?  

If you say the Broncos, we may have to have a serious talk. The Seahawks have been my boys for as long as I can remember. I grew up in Seattle and, although I now live in Montana, I will always be a 12th [wo]man.

For those of you friends with me on Facebook, you know of my "bad mojo" when it comes to watching the Hawks. I only watched them three times in the regular season and guess what? That's right--they lost all three games. I started to watch the NFC championship game and our QB fumbles the ball on the first play. I don't know why I'm bad mojo to my boys, but the facts speak for themselves. I've been cursed. Unless we find someway to lift this curse, I'm banned from watching the Superbowl, which displeases me greatly.

That's where you come in! I've teamed up with bestselling authors Jami Davenport and Adrianne Lee to help me break this curse. We are doing massive giveaways in the hopes the good mojo from the prizes, and from both Jami and Adrianne, will be enough to free me from my bad mojo so I can watch the big game! The more entries, the better.

Here's my take if we don't get enough entries:
1. Distraught that she can't watch the game, Allie takes to the streets, looking for something to do;
2. She stumbles upon four men with questionable morals playing quarters in the back of a shady bar. There's no TV, so she's safe and joins the game;
3. She starts winning and requires the men to wear toilet paper rolls on the top of their heads while hollering out, "Ho, Thundercats!" before they drink;
4. The men are now sloppily boogered up (aka drunk--Allie'ism) and all want to marry her and be her love slave;

Don't make these men become love slaves. Save me before this happens! I tried to find a Peyton Manning voodoo doll when I was in New Orleans last week, but I only found beads and a drink called a monsoon. Fair warning--don't have more than one monsoon or you'll forget your name. But I digress...

Help me lift this curse so I can watch the game on Sunday by entering the contest. It doesn't cost you a thing and may be the difference between me watching the game and being forced to come up with something else to occupy my time. Review the list above if you think that's a good idea.

You just may be the difference between me being allowed to watch the big game and four random men becoming my love slaves.

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