Monday, March 19, 2012

Lucy Monroe's Fitness Challenge

Join Lucy Monroe, me, and several other authors in Lucy's Fitness Challange. You can sign up here:

Here's what Lucy has to say about the Challenge:

Dear Readers,
2011 was my wake-up call to get healthy and I've been working hard to improve my lifestyle with better eating and exercise habits to help me become healthier, stronger and happier. I kicked off the year by joining my local Hillsboro Fitness Challenge in January. Not only have I lost weight and inches, but I have lots more energy and enthusiasm than I've had in years! Because you are all such a big part of my life, though for the most part we'll never meet, I wanted to share this experience with you all - and thus the Lucy Monroe Reader Fitness Challenge was born.

I really can't wait to share my "after" picture with all of you in June. Know that I'll be pulling for you and working right along with you as we all do our best to get stronger and healthier in time for summer!

Hugs and blessings on all our endeavors,